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What does MyTEAM do?

There are many organizations within the Jewish frum community that lend support to people with major illnesses, but even non life threatening conditions, (such as Crohn’s, Diabetes, Lyme Disease, etc) call for a proper support system.

MyTEAM is an organization that provides peer support to frum high school and post seminary girls who are dealing with a non-life-threatening medical condition.

MyTEAM confidentially matches up ‘teammates’ for one-on-one peer support. A teammate is a peer who is going through a similar medical challenge. Each girl is also assigned a mentor, an older girl or young-married who has/had a medical challenge, to offer support, perspective, and guidance. MyTEAM also arranges monthly shiurim via teleconference by renowned speakers on topics chosen by the girls.

* Unfortunately, we do not deal with mental illness.

MyTEAM is made of 3 key components:


MyTEAMS's director/social worker performs an intake with the parents of each girl, and then a coordinator speaks with the girl herself to better understand her needs. MyTEAM then matches each girl with a peer of similar age, personality, and hashkafa who is dealing with a similar medical challenge. The girls typically speak over the phone once a week. Teammates are able to connect through their shared experiences and provide each other with much needed support.


Mentors are either post-seminary or young married women who have experienced or are still experiencing medical challenges. A mentor provides support and encouragement from a more mature perspective. MyTeam has a list of mentors who have/had a wide range of conditions. We research each mentor candidate, and then provide them with a crash mentor-training course. Girls and mentors are paired up one-on-one, and they typically speak on the phone every other week.


MyTEAM arranges monthly teleconferences by renowned Rabbonim, social workers, and mechanchos who each offer a unique angle in providing chizuk, coping skills, and perspective.

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Tel: 347-766-7306